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My two year old son is terrified of bugs. I mean seriously terrified. Screams when he sees them, and not just his regular screams, but you can tell he is scared BAD, and runs to me, and his run is all weird you know sort of hoppy like he doesn't want them to get on him. It started out with big bugs like sewer roaches (which we were having a problem with. Very gross, we were all freaked out), and palo verde bettles (which are HUGE flying scarey bugs!). Now it is any bug of any size. He has never been bit or anything. I don't know what to do for him. Today he freaked about lint, thinking it was a bug because it moved with the breeze from the fan.
I don't know what to do to help him.
Any ideas?

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My ds has been doing this since he got stung by a bee 2 months ago. It started out with him being as scared as you are describing your son to be. However every time he would freak out I would tell him it was "just a little bug." I would tell him that somehow it got into our house and it must be awfully scared and want to go back to his home. So I would scoop it up and take it outside. Or if it was dead I would blow on it and say, "see, it's dead, it's not moving, it's ok" and I would pick it up and throw it away.

He's gotten much better in the last few weeks. He now actually stops to see if it really is a bug (we had issues with dryer lint too!) and he blows on it lol. He's not nearly as he's just more cautious. More than anything he probably saw you freaking out with the roaches and took the same attitude but amplified it. So now you need to be as calm as possible when dealing with bugs and he will begin to adopt that attitude as well.
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I don't have any advice for you, but I know the frustration! My DD is petrified of dogs and freaks out if they come near her. It is so hard to go to someone's house who has a dog.
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