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building a playstand set

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I would like to build a playstand set for Maya and have a question regarding depth. I have seen anything from 10 to 15 inches as the width of the side boards. Can anyone tell me what size they have and how tipsy they are please? Also, if you built them for yourself how much did it cost? I am sooo cheap it isn't funny! There is no way I will pay someone to make something I can make myself, even if I never get around to doing it.
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Doesn't anyone own a playstand out there?
Hi, the ones I have are 11" across and if I were making them, I would make it wider than that. They can be tipped fairly easily. I didn't make the ones I have, so I don't know what they would cost to make them yourself.

Oh, and in case you are interested, here's a link for a free and one $20.

Free one:

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