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family treeI've found myself reflecting on my "Mama-Hood" these past few days - the women I am blessed to count as friends, some new & some old, each of whom helps to carry me forward as a woman & mother.

I have recently been blessed by some extraordinary encounters with some of these women, and want to share with you all a taste of my perspective on what makes for a vibrant Mama-Hood of fabulous women:


Without honesty, where are we? Authentic relationships in motherhood require us to let go of our stories around how or who we should be, and simply share from the heart where we actually are. This means sharing in the good & the messy. This was particularly clear this week in a heartfelt exchange of impromptu poetry back and forth with a woman I hold a deep respect for - each of us sharing in the shadow side we don't often let others see.


The howling laughter I have been blessed within the past week is a true gift. As one dear friend commented on our facebook page when asked to share words of wisdom with mothers of preschool age children:

"Take time to have a good laugh, a gut grabbing, cheek tightening, pee your pants kind of laugh."
After two kids, I must admit it doesn't take much to have a "pee your pants" kind of laugh!


When I was a new mother, I craved finding others with similar parenting styles & philosophies. I was seeking affirmation, community, shared resources… As my children grow older, I find myself thriving with a strikingly more diverse group of mamas - loving the different perspectives & insights they bring to me in my own journey.


What about you? What qualities do you treasure in your Mama-Hood?

Much gratitude to brilliant painter Chantey Dayal for the use of her painting for this blog. You can learn more about Chantey on her website & facebook page. Watch for more of her paintings in future postings.

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