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Building and Maintaining Sites on Wordpress - Where Do You Get Stuck?

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I want to help more WAHM build and maintain their own sites and be independent how they maintain their sites so that they do not need to call on a developer for everything little thing they want to do (unless of course they want to call on a developer
) ... so I am building a site specifically to help WAHM with common questions, areas of uncertainty, etc - Outside of how to pick hosting and how to install Wordpress and the basics of getting started, I was wondering if anyone who currently has a site could tell me what they would like to learn through my tutorials. I know there are a lot of tutorials on the Web already, but I know from people who have searched for easy to understand how-tos that they are not always very easy to understand - and I believe it is all very easy if you know what you are doing. So my tutorials will have video and lots of screen shots and just a real step by step process on how to accomplish what ever anyone thinks they want to know and whatever I have time to put together.

So far these are topics that I was thinking of covering:

1 - I found the perfect theme, but I hate the colors - help!
2 - How do I change the image in my header?
3 - My perfect theme that I found has a casino link in the footer, yikes! How do I remove that?

Does anyone here have anything else they want to know? I will PM you once I get the tutorial together if I make on one your question - thanks for your insight!

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