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I just bought 6 Dappi fitteds and 4 Diaperaps covers. DD is 18 months old and wearing her first CD. I'm TTC #2 and plan to CD that DC from the beginning. So, I've used the Dappi for a day. I got 6 for $10.00, so I didn't expect much from them. They aren't very absorbant at all. In fact, the cover has to be washed after one use. I used a doubler last night and it lasted fine. We even went out, but we had a leak with a doubler. However, I am pleased enough with them to continue using them, and buying more CD. I'm excited to see what the really good ones can do. So...<br><br>
Here's what I'm looking to do...<br>
- Go mostly with fitted dipes for ease (looking for absorbency for nighttime and adventures beyond our four walls). Tell me about AIOs, pockets, fitteds etc... What do you like?<br>
-Maybe experiment with PF... A little intimidating to me right now. Also, worried about bulk and not being able to fit DD into any of her clothes. What do you think?<br>
-Stay on a tight budget (Ex. spent $35.00 on 4 covers, 6 fitteds, and 12 doublers). Though I am willing to pay a little more for good quality. I'm not looking for a collection fit for Style magazine or anything, but I'm interested in variety (that's always good).<br>
-I'd love to support WAHMs, if I can do it on a budget... like buy a few of the really good dipes from them, and skimp somewhere else. Advice?<br><br>
I would so appreciate your advice and expertice. I really can't break the bank, or waste money, so this will so help. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">
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