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built for unschooling or normal 4 yr old?

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Sounds totally normal to me

My children have also expanded straight from why? to who? what? when? where? and how?

And I ask myself daily why more people don't look into unschooling. I think an accurate answer would be hard to arrive at. But a short, surface answer might be that most people simply don't know it's an option.

I know for me, even though I'd considered homeschooling ever since my oldest was kg-age, unschooling was a completely new concept until a couple of years ago. And even when I heard of it, it took me a while to overcome my social conditioning enough to accept it as a true option for *us.*
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I think most kids are pretty inquisitive if they are in a good environment that doesn't squelch it.
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Originally Posted by maurice View Post
I have a, more than likely, stupid question...but I don't know the answer. So I am seeking wisdom from those of you who have parented a child over the age of 4.

Could is be that I have a son that is just totally by nature made for unschooling or is he just a normal 4 year old?

Do they all ask questions nonstop? I went through the "why?" phase with him already and I know that that was normal, but he hasn't stopped asking questions...he has just gotten better at asking them!

From the past two days:
how can we stand up if gravity pulls everything to the ground?
why doesn't gravity pull the clouds to the ground?
what is the sun made out of?
where did the moon come from?
why does the sun follow us everywhere we go?
how to worm dig into the ground if they have no teeth or hands?
if animals don't want to be eaten why are they so yummy?

Right now, I can *totally* see how unschooling would be great for him. He has a natural curiosity that just will not quit. Is this normal? Will it go away/slow down as he gets older? I feel like it probably is normal, but then I wonder why more people wouldn't look into unschooling.

I am totally wondering how anyone could have parented a child before the advent of google. I really want several scientists in different fields on speed dial
While I totally love his love of learning, it is exhausting at times.

Yep, totally normal and the basis for learning. People don't think of unschooling, because they think, generally, that children need to be taught. They don't necessarily see inquisitive questions from children which then lead to discovery and learning as learning. They think learning things and then parroting them back on a test is learning.

But, which set of stuff will be remembered? Which will have a context and dots that are connected and that further elicits more questions?

I think all children are natural learners and as an unschooling parent it is your job to supply materials and possibilities for further exploration. That can be a concerted strewing, or more often than not, just a natural easy sharing of your lives together.
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I'm with the PPs. It's both wonderfully normal and perfectly built for unschooling.
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IMO, being "built for unschooling" is normal. Humans are inquisitive and curious beings. We think; we learn; we ponder; we inquire: it's what we do. That's why unschooling makes sense: because it's so compatible with basic human nature.

So the answer to your question of "[is your son] just totally by nature made for unschooling or is he just a normal 4 year old?" is "Both." Isn't it great?
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