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Hmmm.. personally, dryer time is a big deal to me. ALL our diapers dry in one dryer cycle now, and it would drive me batty to have one that didn't so we always go quick dry. I don't think quick dry would make the diaper any more difficult because you'll most likely need to use the included doubler anyway (the sewn in soaker is 4 layers of flannel plus two layers that line the diaper.. unless you have a VERY light wetter, that won't be enough, but included in the price, you also get an additional lay in doubler of 4 layers of flannel).

I wouldn't worry about it making it any more difficult for the sitter.

As for the doublers.. you get one with every diaper.. 4 layers of flannel.. included in the price. Depending on your wetter, you might want to add some hemp doublers. It adds some bulk, but a LOT of absorbency. I'd say get at least one to try because it makes the diaper awsome for those times you can't change right away (like in the car on the interstate *L*) or for naps.. you just can't go wrong with her doublers. They are cut into a really nice conotured shape.

If I had to order again (my babe just potty learned), I'd get for daytimes for my heavy wetter, the regular quick dry with a fleeced topped hemp doubler. BUT, if I didn't have a heavy wetter, I'd go with the regular quick dry with fleece on the doubler.

We LOVE the AIO we have and I plan to order lots more if we have another baby.

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