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Bumgenius tab issues?

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Is anyone else having tab issues with their bumgenius? I don't just mean that they're fraying, I know that's been covered here already. My tabs are coming apart, actually separating. When it happened to one of mine (these are the new, colored ones) I contacted cottonbabies. I was told to send it back, but it wasn't something I should expect from my other diapers.
I haven't sent it back yet, I just took it out of rotation (getting to the post office is a major pain). So, anyway-now that I look closely at them, the tabs are coming apart on the other ones too!
I am so sad about this, I do like these and dh loves them, but if they aren't going to hold up more than a few months, they aren't worth it. I have a variety of diapers: prefolds, fitteds, fuzzi's, some hyena cart stuff, wool, etc. I feel like the others will be usable for the next baby but these won't even last through this size!
I wash these on warm and line dry in the warm CA sun! (I use Charlie's soap). Is anyone else having these problems? Anyone have suggestions? I don't think I can fix these myself, because where they have come apart, they are fraying so there isn't surface to sew on.
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I too am seeing this with my BGs after only a few short months. I have five and so far it has affected one tab of those 5. Its not too bad just yet, but I'm waiting to see if/when it worsens and to see if others will have the same problem. Nice to know they are taking them back. I'm thinking if this is a known issue with them that they are taking measures to prevent this from happening going forward, as there isn't much they can do for the ones already mfr'ed, I seriously doubt they would scrap them.

I'm curious what others are seeing regarding this issue.
Do you have the "older" style with the tiny fold back tabs, or the newer style with larger tabs on the back?
I got my colors as soon as they came out, do they have a newer version since the colors have been released? Anyone have a picture? My tabs look like the colored ones do on their website.
Mine have the newer, larger fold back tabs. There is room to fold back the tabs, I don't think that's the issue.

Originally Posted by cece
Mine have the newer, larger fold back tabs. There is room to fold back the tabs, I don't think that's the issue.

AH! I didn't see they were colors ( read the OP too fast-sorry!)
I would definately give CB a call, our colors are washed daily and are in beautiful condition, I am a little OCD about making sure every bit of the tab is fastened back-LOL
Thanks for the advice, I might call. I just hate to, but I also feel like I should. I really haven't had them very long.
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i had the same thing happen.

ours remain at the verry bottom of the pile now.. please let me know what happens when you call!
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Will do, Jenna. I tried calling a few times in the past, only to realize that their phone number is listed incorrectly on the website- the numbers underneath the letters (I never use those) don't match up. So, I figured it out. Sigh. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. I have received good customer service from them in the past!
yikes. cranky baby. gotta run
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I returned some of my original style BG. Since you already talked to her and she already said ship them back for replacements, I'd think all you need to do is fill out a return request on their site, get an RMA #,and ship them out. I got the replacement diapers pretty quickly, and it was worth it.

I thought it might make you feel better to hear from someone who has successfully returned something lol!
I have a few old style ones that it's happened to and I think a new one has done it too. I haven't contacted them yet about it. I also have old style ones where the fold back tab is coming off as well.
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