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Bumkins AIO's for Infants

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What do you ladies think? Do they work well for young, BF babies? Since they don't have elastic across the back, do they have a lot of blowouts? My sister wants to start using CD, she is due any day now. And she wants to use Bumkins. I liked mine for my older baby, but I don't remember what it was like for a new baby. Would a fleece liner help the poop not slide up the back?

Help? Suggestions?
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I've tried Bumkins AIO's, but they never fit DS quite right (I think it was the lack of elastic). He was also 30 lbs. and not a newborn so that could be another reason. He had blowouts too and for as long as he wore them I never had a problem. I just used a prefold, but I'm sure the liner would give you similar protection.

Good luck to your sister!
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I had a couple small bumkins for my newborn, and I never had a blowout with them. I didn't use them that often, but they were fine for the diaper bag or Dh to use.

I used them on Trapper for awhile when he was younger (probably somewhere between 4-6 months old).
I don't recall having any poopie blowouts, but I *did* have problems with the leg elastic being too tight on his little chubber legs.

I tried going up a size but that didn't work either, 'cause then the waist was too big.

It's all a matter of trial & error.
They might work out just fine for your sister.
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I wasn't fond of them for the newborn stage. I used them in the diaper bag, but could never really get them to fit properly. They always seemed so huge. Then, when they looked like they would fit they were too short in the rise. I love them now. I started liking them around the 6-7 months mark in the medium size. For the brand new stage I liked the proraps AIO. I also liked my Lucy's hope chest a lot!
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