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Bummis Whisper Pants

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I love my whisper pants, but I have never tried the kind with the cotton outer fabric. I was wondering how these compared, and if the latter wicks because of the cotton.


Beth, who has to buy some covers and trying to figure out what exactly what to buy.
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I just ordered two of them from kellyscloset. I can't wait until they come. I like the print ones (the frog and space kids) but they're not officially 'cotton' on the outside, I think. You'll probably get more feedback before I get mine--because kellyscloset takes so God awfully long for shipping.. but I'm pretty excited about them!
I have lots of regular SIWW and one cotton. The one cotton one that I have does wick but I think that it just needs to be rewaterproofed because they look the same as the others with a thin layer of terry. Because I do not put my covers in the dryer (I don't think anyone does, right?) the cotton gets really stiff and scratchy. I don't like it. The only time that I use it is when I am doing laundry or something. I am going to try waterproof straying it and see if it works better.
My 2c
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