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My daughter has bumps on here feet. It first started out with a few really small little blisters that were red and then they broke open. It had been spreading untill I started putting valsoline and some vitamins mixed together. It is starting to get better but now but I have found that she has red little bumps all over her feet. When we went to the doctor for my sons check up I asked her to look at it and she thought it was from her feet sweating. And she seen it when it was just the white small blisters that had red around them. Her feet do sweat but I dont see why it is coming on now. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happpen with there child or if anyone knows what else I could try.

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I would try rubbing some plain white vinegar on her feet every day and let it dry, before you put on her socks.

That should help in a few weeks if it is any kind of fungus.
Thank you for the advice. My daughters bumps have now started to kind of go away. I hope that they stay away for good.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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