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Buried Penis - Need info

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I have a friend with two boys, both are circumcised, both have buried penis'. We have talked a little about circumcision, she knows it doesn't need to be done and didn't want it done but her DH wanted it done. So she told him that he would have to take them, so he did. Surprise surprise they slept right through it with a paci covered in sugar.

Now, my friend has mentioned a couple of times that they have buried penis'. I keep wanting to tell her that that can be due to the circumcisions. I think she even asked me once if that could be a circ complication, but I didn't get a chance to answer, and I don't really know how to answer it.

So can someone give me some info on buried penis' being a complication of circumcision. Links please, I will probably send her the info over MySpace rather than try to bring it up in person where it may be a little akward. I sent a bulletin about the cervical cancer vax (booo) and she was very receptive.

Oh, and she already has 4 kids and won't be having anymore. But I don't want her passing false info onto her kids. And one day when they are older, and she has to explain why they have buried penis' I want her to be able to say it was caused by their circumcisions not just that it is a medical condition aside from the circ. She is very open about stuff like that, she wouldn't lie to them if she knew the truth.
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Little ways down the page on that link

Boys can be born with a webbed penis, or the condition can result from an over-exuberant circumcision where adhesions form between the scrotal skin and the penile skin. Webbed penis usually causes no problems (unless a routine circumcision is later performed).

Some children are born with a concealed penis (also known as buried penis or hidden penis), and for some it happens after circumcision. It is common in infants and toddlers, and occasionally seen in older children and obese adolescents.

Children are not born with trapped penis; circumcision causes it. Routine circumcision of a webbed penis or circumcision when there is significant scrotal swelling (from a hydrocele or hernia) can lead to trapped penis.

This is a good one dedicated to just concealed penis.
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My son has a buried penis due to circumcision and I got a lot of great info from John G. at Doctors Opposing Circumcision. I will PM you to forward his email.
- Jenny
Really weird, some girl on a myspace group I'm on just asked about this. Her son is circ'ed and has a small penis and she said sometimes it looks like it's tucked in and of course everyone said "every baby's different, some kids have small ones and some have bigger ones" So I just came out and said it could be buried penis syndrome which can be caused from circ'ing. So I told her to look into it. I quicly looked it up and I got my info from i think it was.
vaughnmama, I have just read this in another post and thought about you. Perhaps you could write about your son.

Where to write ...

Jay E. Berkelhamer, MD, FAAP
President, American Academy of Pediatrics
141 Northwest Point Blvd.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

* If you are a medical professional and have observed circs or dealt with complications, be sure to mention this.
* If you have a child, partner, or friend with circ complications, be sure to mention them. Example: "My son was circumcised in an Ohio hospital in 2000 and has a buried penis. He comes home from school crying because his peers tease him about it. " If it is a recent circ done in the USA be sure to mention place/date so we make the point that these complications are happening with current medical practice.
* Start your letter with "Dear sir"
* Less than one page is best, just make your point!
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I've read that it CAN be a condition for an intact child with an extremely large fat pad or who is very overweight. However, what's funny is I've read about several cases of it online and it's always a child who has been circ'd. And I think the possibility of "growing out of it" would be much more likely for an intact child, whereas in a circ'd child (esp. if it was "overzealous") the skin to grow into simply isn't there any more. Whatever she does, do NOT consent to a re-circ....which amazingly some doctors will advise. Even pro-circ doctors I've read know that's a big mistake; they've already taken too much and it will just make it worse.
that 'traction suture' looked esp pleasant for a child who had already suffered unimaginable surgical and post-op pain. nope, no ptsd here.


this is the first claim i've seen of 'buried penis' being fixed by circumcision; but it's obvious it's not buried penis at all, but phimosis! and he mentions a 'stretching program' (beauge?) but doesn't connect that to correcting the phimosis, and claims to actually make the penis larger!

this dr whitehead of 'new york phallo', is clearly making tons of money from men's grief, post-surgical complications, and insecurities.

what grown people decide to have done to their bodies WITH INFORMED CONSENT is one thing, but this website (and dr) seems really... sketchy.

Originally Posted by TigerTail View Post
what grown people decide to have done to their bodies WITH INFORMED CONSENT is one thing, but this website (and dr) seems really... sketchy.
Yeah, the ones of the children were just so sad. Especially the ones in the pictures you linked (those are children right? it is kinda hard to tell since I assume they do some shaving before surgery on adults) where there didn't appear to be any major issues other than appearance, which wasn't even bad at all. I find it really sketchy that in some of the other pictures he brags and measures how they have grown in gerth, but it's odviously right after surgery... when everything is still swolen... well duh! Of course it's wider... it's swollen from being surgicaly altered.

carriebft - thanks for the pm, I read most of it (I'm feeling a bit tired to read it and actually absorb it
), I am going to finish reading it and send it to her.
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