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burning fields

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we live right near a bunch of farm fields. right in our backyard is an asparagus field that they were burning today. what purpose does it serve? is it environmentally okay? is something beneficial to do on a small scale at home? if so how do you do it safely thanks
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Burning is done to burn off residue, control pests and diseases and destroy weeds, farmers feel field burning increases productivity and balk at stopping.

it can take a very serious toll on asthma sufferers, I believe they have been doing research to find alternatives because the dangers to those with asthma and allergies is so great.
It's basically a quick way to clear off a field and make way for new growth. Especially on something like asparagus, where mowing and raking can damage the crowns if you aren't careful to avoid running over them with a tractor.

We have done it to rid a fallow field of weeds. While not the most environmentally concious thing to do, it certainly beats dusting 5 acres with several doses of herbicide (which was the other plan. hey, it's not my farm)
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