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Bush Admin's dismantling of domestic violence initiatives

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Here are 2 links

The first article is pretty self-explanatory.

The 2nd article hypes these new anti-dv initiatives but the truth is that it is at the expense of existing programs (primarily legal services agencies) that used to receive these VAWA funds but were not refunded under Ashcroft's DOJ (which is the agency administering the VAWA funds). This is a great diversion from the fact that the admin is actually not funding anti-dv initiatives that have been proven to help dv victims get out of abusive relationships in favor of faith-based initiatives. I am concerned that this might be another marriage incentive in disguise. Unfortunately, prosecution of the offenders alone is usually not enough to help victims get out of the relationships. These dv survivors need further assistance. Legal representation to obtain protective orders, custody, property division, child support and divorce are actually very important and these centers don't appear to include this, yet funding has been taken away from the very agencies that provided this. Without a custody order or means of financial support, victims are vulnerable to the fact that with no order in place, each parent has equal rights to custody of the child and with no means of support, many victims go back to the abusive situation. Furthermore, the $ 20 million in VAWA money will go to fund only 12 centers when this money used to be spread to many existing programs across the country.

Together these two articles really show a pattern that I find alarming.

This is my first activism thread, so I may be off base, but what do you all think?
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Great new thread!

But how incredibly alarming!!! I'd not known that DOJ was seeking to reallocate funds from legal aid for vicitims of domestic violence to faith based and other groups for children's programs. While children that have been affected by domestic violence certainly need help, the FIRST thing that needs to happen is for the woman to get the he!! OUT of the relationship...and for that, she often needs legal assistance. So the reallocation is, oh, sorta like taking money from trauma centers and giving it to Johnson+Johnson to reimburse the company for charitably giving bandages and "anti-ouch" spray to victims with major wounds that need surgical attention.

I'd also not seen any info re Ashcroft's recommendation of the IWF's president to the Nat'l Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women. That last appointment is sorta like - gee, I dunno - appointing a noted abortion opponent to chair a committee to make recommendations to the President on stem cell research or something. Oh, wait - that really DID happen. Never mind.

Check out the IWF's website and read their stuff. They're really a piece of work:
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Wonderful first thread in Activism.

I ask that it not be your last, m'kay?

Incredible information.

Thank you for sharing...Joyce in the mts.
Let me clarify one thing. I'm not actually sure which programs the $5 million to start the children's programs are being diverted from, although it wouldn't surprise me to find out it was from grants that normally go to DV shelters or legal services. The $20 million, though, is clearly VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) money, though, that in the past has gone to legal services, shelters, and prosecutors offices. I know for a fact that at least one statewide legal services organization did not receive VAWA money this year and I've heard rumors that other legal services/legal aid organizations across the country did not receive VAWA funds. I do not know whether DV shelters or prosecutors continue to receive VAWA money. I am frightened about what might happen to VOCA (Victims of Crime Act) money that has also gone to these same organizations to help dv victims. I have a feeling prosecutors and law enforcement grants are safe, but I'm not so sure about legal services.
Hm, yes...I couldn't find anything specifying from where the money was coming, myself. The prospect of the money coming from legal aid was so sinister yet believable that I jumped to that conclusion myself without looking for the supporting documentation. And there as yet appears to be none.

Here is a link to the transcript of Bush's remarks:

Oh - incidentally, for those who care, the searches I ran were on Google and Lexis/Nexis. I did not attempt to hunt down primary administrative sources.
Yes! Good thread!! I was wondering if anyone would post about this subject. At work today one of my co-workers informed me of this faith-based initiative. If you want $ believe in the presidents God. BTW, she also told me that the money was also diverted from Africa due to the relgious practices there. Have to investigate this. You are so informative
Thanks for the onfo.

This really offends me! Regardless of anything, the women need to get out! I am so happy I have a supportive family. And yes I do believe this is part of the marriage initiate-another one that leaves me and my son out!
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Originally posted by Marlena
Check out the IWF's website and read their stuff. They're really a piece of work: [/B]

Wow! You are right on Marlena. Even the IWF bookstore freaked me out!!!

You link kept sending me to she a "forum" of the IWF. I had to google to get it! Thanks so much for this link.

And to think I thought I was an independent woman
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DV is serious, and if we take away programs to help people, where will they go? What can the children hope for in life? Is is really eye opening to know about this, I've been a republican for years, maybe it's time to change. CC
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