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The October Vanity Fair (George Clooney on cover) has just shipped and I think it is probably going on the newstands now.

On page 162 is the beginning of a rather lengthy article on how the wealthy saudi arabians including members of bin laden's family were whisked out of the U.S. on private jets. This is when the FAA had closed the skies....

Who made this happen?

The Bush Family.

"On the morning of September 13, 2001, a 49 year old private eye named Dan Grossi got an unexpcted call from the Tampa Police Department. Grossi had worked for the Tampa Police 20 years before retiring and it was not particularly unusal for thepolice to recommend former officers for special security jobs. But Gross's new assignment was very much out of the ordinary.
Two days earlier, terrorists had hijacked four airlines and carried out the worst atrocity in American history......

.....For two days commerical and private aviation throughout the entire United Staes ceased. ...American skies were nearly as empty as they had been when the Wright Brothers first flew at Kitty Hawk. Nevertheless, at 1:30 pm Dan Grossi recieved his call. He was told the Saudis would be delivered to Raytheon Airport Services. ...I was told it would take White House Approval says Grossi. Then one of the pilots arrived. "Here's your plane, he told Grossi. "whenever, you're ready to go."

the article continues...but I think you get the gist...

Yep, they got out...and bin laden's family... people who were waiting for a heart for a heart transplants had to wait.... but Bin Laden's nephews/neices, and other wealthy into the friendly skies.

Apparently the workers at Logan International Airport were particularly angered when those Bin Laden's were sent off on their plane. One could imagine since three of the hijacked planes orginated out of Logan.

Must be nice to rich and sitting on oil, then the white house and the bush family is so on your side. even when your name is bin laden.

REad the article.

And in case anyone thinks that Vanity Fair is liberal media.... during the years that Clinton was in Office and even after they printed countless articles which beat up him and Hilary. And gawdknoes Christopher Hitchens could not stand bill.

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Some of the points in Snopes piece are not discounted by the Vanity Fair article..but there is more to it....

additional food for thought....

"It's a natural part of any investigation to seek out people who know the alleged suspect in the murder". says john L Martin who as chief of international scurity in the criminal division of the justice department..
In the case of the Kennedy assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald's family including his wife and mother while not culpable, were looked upon for information about his background. In the case of Timothy McVeigh, McVeigh's family becam a center of attention."

How could officals by pass such an elemental and routine part of an investigation during an unprecedented national security catastrophe? At the very least, wouldn't relatives have been able to provide some information about Osama';s finacnes, assoicates or supporters?"

....not if you are rich, saudi, friends of the bush's....

and yet, who was there to protect the convenience store clerk who was shot by a ******* thug because he wore a turban. the clerk wasn't muslim by the way.

The whole thing is sad and sick...
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