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President Bush told Americans today that the situation in Iraq is "a lot better than you probably think," as he sought to rally the flagging support for the U.S. occupation.
Oh, really?

The speeches furthered the administration's shift in emphasis from former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein's possession of weapons of mass destruction to his desire for such weapons and the general evil he represented.

"Who can possibly think that the world would be better off with Saddam Hussein still in power?" Bush said. "Surely not the dissidents, who would be in his prisons or end up in mass graves. Surely not the men and women who would fill Saddam's torture chambers, or the women in his rape rooms. Surely not the victims he murdered with poison gas. Surely not anyone who cares about human rights and democracy and stability in the Middle East. There's only one decent and humane reaction to the fall of Saddam Hussein: Good riddance."
Yeah, I can hardly wait for the next instantiation of Bush's rallying cry: "Most mothers wouldn't approve of Saddam dating their daughter, so thank heavens he's out of power!" :LOL
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