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I'm going to be at Pennsic in August, at Cooper's Lake Campground. I'm wondering if anybody can direct me to any good stores or farms for organic foods, pastured meats, and/or raw dairy. From what I recall, the selection at the Giant Eagle left something to be desired, though it's been three years since I've been there last so that might have changed. I don't mind packing in all of my meat and most of my dairy, but bringing along all the produce I'll need from home could be... a lot.

Thank you!

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Hmm.. maybe we can get someone to let us come do laundry and take hot showers, too. :LOL

I remember seeing produce stands nearby, and the Coopers are running one along the walkway by the road now, but dunno about organic. I have heard that the GE mananger is quite accomadating about special orders if it's something they can get. Mostly people trying to get "weird" things like rabbit, and grape leaves. See if you can find contact info for the store, maybe?

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Now, *that* would be sweet!
Didn't think of that one!

I'll check Cooper's Lake's website and see if they have contact info for the store. It's the same folks running the store who run the farm stand, then? I knew there was a "sanctioned" one now, but I didn't realize they were running it themselves.

Three years out of the loop for babies, and everything changes on me

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Wow, that was jumbled of me. Yes, the Coopers themselves are running the produce stand. You know that shady bit with the trees by where the post office truck is, where all the musicians and performers hang out? It's right there. Now them I don't know about special orders from. But Giant Eagle, I've heard of them getting special orders for people. Being a big grocery chain, they probably have more resources for that sort of thing. Coopers are still pricey, but if you're only feeding a few people, it beats leaving site. I seem to recall paying like 75 cents for an apple, or 50 cents for a banana, stuff like that. They've also expanded the camp store a bit.

You'll probably find that Pennsic in general is getting more crowded, expensive, rude, etc. It's changed a lot in just the 4 years we've been going (our first was 30). You'll also want to re-read the rules book because a lot have been added.

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Really? I just read through the site rules on, and didn't find anything that struck me as new or out of the ordinary. Maybe it's just that they're getting stricter about enforcing some things, like parking, water hookup or camp gate regulations?

I was there from XXV through XXX, btw

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just wanted to jump in......we'll (hopefully)be in Newcastle in Aug, family reunion the 13th. We stay at my sisters' house in Aliquippa/Hopewell tho. I can ask her if she knows.
Just read Paq's YOU are the people at the faire-campgrounds-we drive by on our way!! COOL!!!!!

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Tara: there was some brouhaha last year after war about new regulations about minors (kids under 12 have to be in parents or adult babysitter's sight at all times, up from 8, something like that) and the "Dead Rabbits" (press-ganged "volunteers" as punishment for various infractions). I wonder if they removed that stuff. I'm going to have to go re-read it now. I know your kids are still too small to be roaming free anyway, but they seem to be moving towards a CYA anti-kid thing.

There was a stranger assault in the swamp at night last year, too. I know there are always reports of date rape type sexual assaults, but someone was randomly accosted at knifepoint and just barely escaped. I guess that's the clincher on things getting less chivalrous.

Mamadege: Yep, we're the (mostly) harmless historical nuts! If you want to get a glance at us, take a slow leisurely drive down Currie Road. To get in to actually see us would require ~$100 plus an attempt at garb cause we're about the participation, not an audience thing. There's probably a local chapter near you which won't cost you $100 to get involved with, if you're interested. Local events are smaller, more friendly, easier to jump into.

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Ah, ok. Yes, I saw the 12-year-old thing, it didn't register to me that it was up from 8, although now that you mention it, I do remember kids in the 8-12 age range running ice and selling papers unattended. Hm. I'm not sure if I agree or disagree with that one. Tough call. I've known some incredibly reliable and mature 8 year olds... and some 12 year olds who need to be kept on a leash...

I didn't notice anything about gang-pressed "volunteers"... Did I just miss it? Did you find that rule?

Really, though, folks find stuff to gripe about *every* year. Land allocation, how strict they're being about moving cars, quiet hours, rearranging the battle schedule. Oh, boy, did people flip when the battle schedule was reorganized at... 29? Can't remember... they're all melding together... There are an awful lot of people in the SCA who take it *entirely* too seriously. I mean, is it *really* worth blowing a gasket over the fact that the field battle is on Friday instead of Saturday? Do folks really have nothing better to worry about?

Sorry... enough of my griping about the SCA... I'm supposed to be getting back *into* it this year, not complaining about it :LOL

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Upon more thought, it was definately 29 when the field battle was moved, because 28 was the year that Confed won the war :LOL and that was on a Saturday, but dh was with me the year the schedule was rearranged, and he didn't come to 30. Oh, boy, I'm getting old... I have to use methods like that to remember things...

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I live in South Butler about 25 minutes from where you will be.
Some of the local Giant Eagles have really stepped up in the way
of organic selection in the past year.
The Giant Eagle I go to most often recently cleared out an entire
area in the back of the produce area with shelf items, frozen and
cold cases all natural/organic. It's nice cause now I don't have
to search all over the store I just go threw the produce area, hit
the back, and I am out the door. But that store is 15 min south
of me, so it would mean a 45-55 drive for you.
I am sure that if you talked to the local Giant Eagle in Slippery
Rock they would order things for you, OR if you don't mind a 30
minute drive the Cranberry Giant Eagle has a beautiful organic/
natural section. It's actually one of the biggest, best selections
of all the Giant Eagles.
You would would take RT. 422 to I. 79 south. Take your exit and
the Giant Eagle is right there.

Here is some contact information if you need it. HAVE FUN!!

Slippery Rock Giant Eagle
223 Grove City Rd.
Slippery Rock, PA 16057

Cranberry Mall Giant Eagle
Cranberry, PA 16066

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Janna, thank you for that info. I've been to Cranberry, and if I need a break from Pennsic with both kids (i.e. if I really need to pack them into the carseat for a nap one day!
) I will drag them down there to the Barnes and Noble, so I can stop there.

I got an e-mail from a guy who runs a farmer's market in Slippery Rock. He sent me a great list of who's at the farmer's market as well as some other resources. Here's what he sent me. I have his full contact info, which I could pm to anybody who's interested.

We generally have somewhere between 10 and 15 stands at the market on any
given week. Here is a list of whom has come so far this season:

Sliver Wheel Farm - "certified naturally grown" produce and eggs
Paul Starr - general garden vegetables
Nutt Road Honey Farm - Honey, soap, beeswax
Mickley Organic Farms - eggs, pork, chicken, cheese, vegetables
Hazy Hollow Farms - Quail, quail eggs, honey
Loafers Bakery - Baked goods
Schoentag Farms - free range eggs, onions (in season)
Maggie Mae Soapworks - handmade soap
Patricia Redshaw - massage
Bill and Linda Mertons - Bedding and perennial plants
North Liberty Woodworks - woodcrafts and candles
******'s Crossing Trading Post - ornamental blacksmith work, small shrubs
Don Schmelzer - general garden vegetables
Teacher's Pet - Handmade dog treats and accessories
Shaffer's Greenhouse - greenhouse plants, vegetables, perennials, flowers
Rachel Thompson - Baked goods
Sisely Winder - Handcrafted jewelry
The Market Garden Project at the Macoskey Center - "organically managed"
specialty salad mix, general garden vegetables

Finding raw dairy at a farmers market would be a challenge I suspect, but
there are two local raw dairy producers in this part of Butler county.

Our Farmers' Market definitely has organic produce (two stands, not
certified, but organically managed) as well as produce grown by home
gardeners with varying management practices. We do have a farmer at the
market that raises organic chickens, who has a business relationship with a
pastured, organic beef farmer.

Here is the skinny:

Local raw dairy farms

Fisher's Dairy
1810 Perry Highway
Portersville, PA 16051
This is a confinement dairy (cows not on pasture)

Bryner's Haven
c/o Tina Bryner
123 Mt. Nebo Lane
Evans City, PA 16033
This is a pasture-based goat dairy. (My wife and I get our milk here!)

Organic pastured meats

Mickley Organic Farms
Howard Mickley
923 Plain Grove Road
Volant, PA 12156
Organic pastured chickens and pork
Howard is a regular at the market. Depending on what you are looking for, I
would call him in advance of your needing something in particular as he
usually brings a limited stock to market.

Ron Gargasz Organic Farms
129 Old Ash Road
Volant, PA 16156
Organic grass-fed beef, pastured eggs
Ron does not come to the market, but is good friends with Howard and you may
(will) be able to get his products thru Howard.

Thanks for your interest in local foods! I hope this email helps.

We look forward to seeing you at the Market.

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