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Butt sweater help

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What kind of thread should be used in making butt sweaters? I have a local gal giving me 3 boxes of felted wool sweaters!!! I love my local moms!

Any good patterns?
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I use 100% polyester myself. 100% nylon would work too, wooly nylon would. I think cotton would be the only no due to wicking issues.
Thanks! I have plenty of 100% polyester. Is surgeing recommned or sewing machine?
I just used a regular sewing machine (made my first one yesterday!). I had to finish it by handsewing since it was too difficult for me to manuever the sweater, but it didn't take long and I like how it turned out. Good luck!
I would serge if I had the option lol, mine have turned out fine on the sewing machine tho. I zigzag a few times over every seam to stop unraveling/fraying.
Thanks! I will surge them then.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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