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I still need to put elastic in the waist, but otherwise I finished a pair of butt sweater soaker shorts. From a red, 100% merino wool sweater. Very trim, even after fully felting. I had to stare at the fabric a long time b/c I cdn't figure out how to make them shorts (I really wanted shorts darnitall
). I'm not good at spatial rotations, so this really stretched me.

Anyway, they fit him so well. In the picture he's got it over a mudpie AIO, which is trim-- but not as trim as my hemp diapers which is what the soaker will go over. So I figure it'll fit him for a while. (well, heres hoping!!)
Anyway, once the elastic goes in and I lanolize it, C can start wearing it for real.
Theres also a couple pictures of 2 fitteds I dyed on that page too.
Thanks for looking.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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