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Someone posted about a sale on these fitteds, and although I'm not a fan of aplix, getting 2[/I] diaps for less than $13 SHIPPED was too good to pass up!

I ordered 2 fitteds -size two for my 16 pound 4 month old daughter. Here is the description of one of the ones I bought
#34 Little Red Riding Hood

This diaper is made from a 100% cotton knit little red riding hood print, by Painting Red Rhinos. The inside layer is the same knit. The soaker is made from 4 layers of hemp french terry. Elasticized waist, touchtape closure with laundry tabs.

There was a slight issue with the billing which the WAHM quickly responded to and fixed, and I got my diaps a few days later.

They are really sweet looking. They look homemade, but hey, that's OK, they are! SO far DD has worn them both once. They fit really well.. snug around the legs without being tight. (DD doesn't have super chunk-o thighs) This morning, on it's maiden voyage, she had the BIGGEST BF poop explosion of all times. And hooray, no leaks!

I can't imagine it's that absorbant, but will continue to test and update.. but it's cute, it works and the price is certainly right!

Good Luck!
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