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buying a new organic mattress...any suggestions?

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We have an organic king that is FABULOUS! I don't regret the money we put into it, I think it was almost 5000.00 with all the sheets, topper, pad and blankets we bought as well.

Ours is from a local company - but they might ship to the us

not nearly as expensive, super latex mattress. you only need to buy the mattress if you want to put it on a platform bed.
I'd check out Organic Grace - the owner is an MDC mama and they do extensive research about all their products.

And they're running a special on mattresses this month.
We got a savvy rest last year, and it is excellent, really well made. hard to descide on the latex levels of softness, but we found it to be a little firmer than we thought it would be. still LOVE it. Even my picky DH likes it! ha. we got a bed frame recently for it and it is beautiful- pacific rim platform bed. it is very very beautiful wood , well made, simple. we put a lot of money into our bed, but when you think of how much time you spend there, I think it is has been worth it completely!!!!
I am absolutely in love with our natural latex king from Habitat furnishings. It is soooo comfy. We have it on the floor.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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