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Buying essential oils...

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A few weeks ago there was a thread of where to buy TTO and lavender oil. There is one WAHM on this site that gave her link and she had not only excellent prices but also free shipping. Well, I can't find that thread and would love any help finding it! I think it had something with Woman in it. This is so frustrating and I am so mad I did not bookmark it! I do know it was a WAHM with a smaller shop... Please help!
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sorry, wish I could help you - but here's a bump, maybe someone else knows....
Sorry, I do not know who it is but here is another bump.

I have bought all of mine through and they are great!
I started that original thread. I ended up purchasing from which has free shipping for orders over $35. They have really great prices, especially compared to Whole Foods (the price difference was unbelievable). It shipped very quickly and the products were high quality. HTH.
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