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Buying PUL off Ebay

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Hi everyone! I've been a lurker here for a while and finally got around to registering!

Anywhoo, my question is this: Has anyone bought PUL off Ebay and is it cheaper than buying your own fabric and sending it in for laminating? I'm wanting to make some diapers, but not sure on which way to go.

There are 2 prints that I'm absolutely in love with on Ebay--the blue flowers w/ glitter and the bright daisy print.

All of the fabrics that I love in the fabric store aren't usually the cheapest, so it might be costlier if I sent in my own fabric, right???
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I would think so - If you're sending in fabric for laminating, you're paying shipping both ways, too.

BTW, where do you send fabric to be laminated?? I've actually never heard of that (I'm a PUL newbie, I've only ever made fitteds!)
That's true, wasn't even thinking about the shipping, and I heard that Fabrite (the company that does the laminating) sends the fabric back on a bolt, so I wonder how expensive it is for shipping.
Both ways can be pricey. If you find a fabric co-op that does PUL (either do-it-yourself where you send your own fabric choice in for laminating, or regular PUL colors) it's much cheaper... but you have to buy in bulk for a good price.

If you're going to just try it out to see what you like, I don't think ebay is an awful way to go, but the prices are expensive... so while I don't think that even remotely answers your ?... that's my .02
Cradled in cloth 1 are talking of another diy PUl co op and they are also having PUl agin too soon I think.
I bought off eBay when I wanted to get PUL quickly. One of the PUL sellers also runs a co-op, so I know what I'll get is quality.
Her username is playpenlady of Daigle Fashions (her ebay store).
Daigle Fashions co-op is sewingsupplycoop

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