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By popular demand

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or at least by demand of spatulagirl & Butterflymom, here are a couple of pix of Ian in his PeeNutShell. FWIW, I should have ordered a medium - the large is a bit big on him in the rise & around the thighs. But it's absolutely beautiful!
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Aww, he is too cute! The cover looks cool but it is a bit big on him :LOL

I will have to check her site out...
Ack, that cover at your cute boy! It's huge on him!

: but gorgeous
I can't wait for mine....wondering if I should get a small or medium, since that large is definatly too big for the buggle's little bum/hips/rise. What is your boy's measurements?
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That cover is awesome and it will fit eventually I'm sure! LOL Very cute! How often does she open for customs?
Gorgeous!!! I wanted to buy it and was asking Lia about the sizing on SK the day she stocked but you bought it before I could LOL!!!! If you ever sell it please think of me!!!

Your DS is a cutie!!!!!
LOL! Actually, I didn't buy the one instock - it got sniped from my cart while I was filling in my customer info. It was a custom. And, stupid me, it didn't occur to me to ask Lia how big her covers run - Ian is wearing larges in all his other covers, so I just figured that's what he would need. But he'll fit into eventually, and it does fit over his huge Schnoogly UNDers nighttime dipes. So, Susan, I probably won't well it until he PLs.

He's 23#, 20" waist, 18" rise, 23" hips, 12.5" thighs, and he's probably about 32-33" tall. So I'd say go for a medium at the largest. But definitely get one, I love this cover!
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That is gorgeous! It looks as if it would be very trim through the stride. I'm glad you posted pics, though..since if it's big on your buddy, it'd be big on mine, and they usually both wear larges in everything!
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OMG i love that cover! and he's beautiful
i try to coordinate all of my son's clothing with his diapers too. right now i'm in search of clothing in an alligator prr print to match a newly won sos. i'm stupid like that.
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