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SO I will try to make this short as I can .....

I had a c-section with my ds.
The whole experience was a mess.
The staff kept telling me that my ob wanted me to have the baby by 7pm...ha ha ha wink wink.....jokingly of course but sure enough I was whipped out to c-section land by 7:20pm. They also kept saying "don't you feel like you need to push?" I was in labor for 14 hours and had an epidural and felt fine.

Cause???...well I was watching the fetal monitor and noticed my sons heartrate going up a bit high...called a nurse in and asked her to look and she tapped the machine and said "sometimes this machine doesn't work right"...and I was like "what?!!!" and then the intern came in and listened to my heart rate and then my ob came in and those two talked and I was immediatley taken to the OR.

so I go to a CNMW now and she asked me to sign over my medical records from the birth so we know if we can VBAC for our next pg, right?
AND here is what she tells me:
She has reviewed my records and they do not shed any light on why I had the c-section other than "non-reassuring fetal heart rate" Not even a mention of how dilated I was.


so do I pursue this legally?
do I just let it go?
Could I have had a vaginal birth?
I think I could of.....

any thoughts???????

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Ugh. Oh, I am so sorry you got cut... I don't know your whole story but it sounds pretty similar to the masses I have heard.

Do *you* have your records? I would strongly suggest that you get your entire record for the labor and delivery. And that then you maybe also get your precious self onto the ICAN list, and ask about any questions you have regarding your records. THere are a few people there that are skilled enough to translate for you....

I believe I have read 1 case where a woman sued for a cesarean, but there were other things involved too. Maybe I can dig it up... contact me privately if you want it.

Your surgery sounds like it is more about politics, and misuse of technology, than it does about your body. Our bodies are designed for birth. Period. Once in a blue moon, medical intervention improves the outcomes, but to date, there is not one study that shows any benefit from routine continuous electronic fetal monitoring. In fact, the studies show again and again that it actually raises the rate of cesrean and other interventions.

I keep waiting for the day when someone pursues legal action over a uneccessary c/s. Maybe you are the one...

Atart by getting your records, and by joining up with the wonderful women at ICAN. Go to community and you can sign up for the email list. It is high volume, but amazing. Or contact me privately, and I will try to help.

Blessings to you,

mama to Ariah Ray 1/29/02 (c/s for cord prolapse)
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