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Just curious if anyone would be willing to share their birth plan for a c/s?

I'll be having a scheduled c/s and would appreciate knowing what worked for you or what you'd do differently in hindsight.


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I'll share what I have so far. My last L&D went pretty crappy, IMO, but I think part of was that I was unwilling to see that it was even possible for it go any other way then I had planned. When it did I was unprepared to make the decisions I had to make. This time around, I am trying to recognize that there is more than one path this birth can take and that's OK - as long as I have tried my best, done what I felt was right, and if there could be some basic changes from last time.

"Things I did not like while laboring with my first child:
Being stuck in bed, unable to walk around or move positions
BP cuff cutting off circulation
Things happening to me, not for me
Not being able to eat anything

After the c-section:
Not able to hold the baby before he was cleaned off
Not allowed to breastfeed immediately
Didn't see the procedure
Terrible shivering due to anesthesia and hard to breathe

How I would like to prevent these things from happening again:
NO epidural unless absolutely necessary
CSE or "walking" epidural, as long as I am allowed to move around with it
Jacuzzi if available and appropriate
Birth ball if available or I can bring my own
Being able to remove the BP cuff sometimes or in between readings
Dim lights and music

If a second C-section becomes necessary:
Dim OR lights, if possible
I would like to touch him/hold him before he is cleaned, or just having the necessary vitals done and allowing me to clean him later
Breastfeed as soon as possible - in recovery
Having a still/video camera in the OR, or a mirror so I can see
Having a cell saver available if needed
Application of platelet gel before closing, or an On-Q pain management system"

I really wasn't sure how to write this up when I started, so I just put down some thoughts about what really bothered me last time and how I could change it this time around. I'm trying to keep an open mind. I don't want to set anything in stone so that when a deviation occurs I am crushed.

Hope that helps.

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I don't have it on my pc anymore but it included just a few things I felt were important. Keeping my arms free, not being sedated which I talked to the anes. about this and how important it was that I be alert for the whole thing and he agreed before hand, what type of closure (staples, stitches, glue), talk over with your doc about single/double layer sutures, holding the baby while on the table, nursing right away, who will stay with the baby, pictures/video, type of pain meds you prefer. Who will announce the sex and cut the cord. Also discuss antibiotics or other meds you'll be given. I sent a seperate sheet to the nursery with newborn care instructions (bath, eye drops, shots etc).

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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
Hugs mama.

There are many c/s birth plans and ideas for making a c/s as natural family friendly as possible in the Cesarean Birth Resource sticky located at the top of this forum (or just click here)
Thank you for the link and hugs.
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