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Originally Posted by veebee;


Sometimes, when our fantasy, our dream, dies a hard, sudden death, we suffer. Of course we do. It is an important part, that grieving and rage. Those of us who have a strong belief that birth is natural and instinctual, well, the belief in normal birth is so strong that it may not actually seem like a fantasy.

But in a way it is, in that we can NEVER know in advance how OUR birth will unfold. Built into every waking moment of our pregnancy, we may SEE, hear, feel our natural birth in every cell of our being. We create positive affirmations and visualizations so that this fantasy (expectation) of natural birth becomes more likely. And it works. Every one of these things that we do DOES make it more likely that we will birth normally. But there are absolutely NO guarantees in life or in birth.

Thank you for your post! It moved me. I am still coming to terms, in yet another way with the birthing of my daughter...
to us all.
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