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It is so nice to hear other people with this problem! After planning and wanting a natural childbirth, I had the C-section. It was unavoidable, she wouldn't descend due to a short cord wrapped twice around her neck. I was also induced because the docs flipped out that she wasn't kicking when they wanted her too. (she had been kicking me non-stop for the previous hour, so she was obviously resting!) So I was hooked up to an IV etc for all of my labor, which was thankfully short. My natural birth ended up having every intervention known to man from pitocin to using a cathader (sp?) to help my labor to get going. Eventually I also had an epidural because they needed me to stop pushing and I couldn't. At this point I knew that something was wrong, and it wasn't working. I didn't object too much to the epidural because I knew somehow that I would end up with a section, and this way maybe I'd get to be awake for the procedure. That didn't happen either, the epidural didn't work, and they had to put me under! The worst part of all this is that people keep telling me that it's just as hard, it's just the same etc. It's not the same, and now I have less confidence in my ability to have a natural birth. I used to want home births, but now I am afraid. Hopefully that will go away, but everyone else out there, you aren't alone, and I love the advice and other stories on this site! Thanks so much!
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