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Some little white bugs have moved in and are ruining my gorgeous cabbages. I already pulled one out and threw it in the compost because it just looked gross. But the others look salvageable if I can get rid of the critters.

Any suggestions? ground up garlic? hot peppers? dish soap? I've never had an insect infestation before...

Thanks in advance,

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i found one mite spray recipe that says

1 Tbs ammonia
1 tsp dish soap
2.5 gallons water

but i'm not sure if you want to spray ammonia on your cabbage that you'll be eating... hmmm.

pepper works well for cabbageworms but i haven't heard of it for mites

i found another mite-free recipe but it's you would have to alter the amount

5 lbs white flour
1 pint of buttermilk
25 gallons of water
store in a closed container...stir before use...spray often.

hope this may help.
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