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Caddy/Jag/mercedes of prefolds?

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I know NOTHING, I mean NOTHING of prefolds...I was thinking that maybe I should try some. Just for fun. Fot nighttime with my wool. I want really luxe ones though. Fill me in...links please!

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My softest ones are indian pf's from Granitesmith's ebay store. I also
my "truer" cpf's from Bum Wrap Diapers . Both mama's are great to work with and ship super fast.

Link to premium sized ipf's
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I second the indian prefolds. I like hemp ones as well from Little Lounging Lizards and Polar Babies hemp.
I'll third the indian prefolds. They really are soft!

It is also fun to get some dyed prefolds. I love mine from Tye Dye Dreams and Jamie always has some cute ones at Cotton Pickin' Creations

Have fun shopping!!!!

Edited to add: Get some snappis!!
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I loved my indian prefolds for softness, too, but they seemed too bulky... NO, not bulky... Ummm... they just don't fold as trimlike as the ubcpf's I'm using now? But they were really nice.
definitely the indian!! Jamie at does dyed indian-they are fab!!
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