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Caitlin Renee is here!

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Thank you to gradstudentmommy for letting everyone know when my water broke and when Caitlin was born, and thank you to everyone for the ELV's! They certainly worked for a while anyway! Here's how the last several days have gone down, not particularly easily, but still totally worth it for my amazing, wonderful, perfect, precious daughter.

First, some pictures, then the long story of the birth and the five rather miserable days since then:
I couldn't sleep, so I grabbed a bowl of cereal around 4:00am on Thursday, September 2 and went into the living room. I only took a couple bites, and felt an unstoppable gush of warm wetness, so I ran to the bathroom. Amazingly, my pants were totally soaked with fluid, but the chair I was on didn't get wet at all.

I called birth center triage and waited for a nurse midwife to call back. When she hadn't called back 45 minutes later I called again and finally talked to someone. I was having no contractions. She said there was no need for me to come in, but if I felt more comfortable at any point having them check me out to be sure it was my bag of waters that was fine too. I opted to just stay home and sent my husband to work, figuring labor would take a while since I wasn't feeling anything. This was about 6:15.

I tried to sleep a little more, but that didn't work so well, so I rechecked my hospital bag and just fiddled around with nothing for a little while. About 9:00 I was thinking I should either bake something or clean out the fridge drawers when I started feeling definite contractions. They hurt, but were tolerable. I got into the bath, but that didn't really help with the pains at all. Not deep enough water, probably.

I got out and felt like the contractions were really hard and really often. I tried timing them with my timer, but it was hard to concentrate enough to remember to hit start and stop. I called my doula, and she timed a couple, saying they were about 3-4 minutes apart, lasting about 40 seconds each. I was in a lot of pain, so I called my husband and told him I might be jumping the gun, but I'd like him home. This was around 9:30, and he got home about 10:15. I was in a LOT of pain by then. The car ride to the hospital was not fun, and it was only about 15 minutes. I don't know how women who have long drives to birth centers manage it!

I got into triage still leaking water everywhere, and they realized there was meconium in the water, which at the time I simply didn't care about. I was already 7 cm, so I guess that was a pretty productive couple of hours!

We moved to my room and my doula arrived shortly thereafter. Up to that point I'd been dealing with the pain by standing against a wall and rocking side-to-side. I decided to try the shower, and that definitely helped, but I had horrible chills and had a hard time keeping warm. They draped towels over my shoulders and kept warm water over them and eventually it was better. I was in the shower for about 2 hours before my doula suggested moving to the bed to get on my hands and knees.

Change sounded horrible, but I decided to try and it was an okay position. Very shortly after that my midwife checked and I was 10 cm, so she told me to push whenever I felt the urge. I didn't for a while, but eventually I did and pushed in what felt like the right way. I think I started pushing around 2:00 maybe.

I pushed for a couple hours and baby really didn't make any progress. She was about +1 or +2 position and just sitting there. They hooked the squat bar to the bed and lowered the foot so I could rest on a ledge and squat to push. It felt pretty good in that position, but another hour of pushing, even with the midwife's fingers in me directing me where to push, did nothing to move baby, and it was hurting really, really bad, especially with her fingers in there.

They strongly recommended I try an epidural because they felt the pain was causing me to push less than I needed to. I consented and was in misery for the next 45 minutes or so waiting for the anesthesiologist to get everything ready.

I felt much better after, obviously, so I rested for a bit before getting back to pushing. The midwife checked me, and baby's position was the same as before, so I spent maybe another hour and a half pushing. She checked me again, no progress. I changed positions back into the modified squat and pushed for another hour. Still no progress, and she'd been able to tell this time and the previous that baby's head was presenting "military style" instead of chin tucked to chest, so she really wasn't helping with any progress through the birth canal. Nothing I was doing could change that.

We finally agreed to a c-section, but I opted to keep pushing for the 30 minutes or so it would take to get an OB there, hoping maybe I could move her far enough down to allow for a vacuum extraction instead. She didn't move at all, so I was wheeled off to the operating room around 10pm.

Caitlin Renee was born at 10:27pm, weighing 8lb 7 oz and measuring 19 inches long. She didn't aspirate any meconium, and passed all her newborn tests with flying colors. She was truly perfect, and my husband got to hold her almost right away. I got her on my chest for a couple minutes, but couldn't hold her for long.

I, unfortunately, was having a bad allergic reaction to something they gave me during the surgery. I was really chilled, mentally completely out of it, and had a lot of trouble breathing. After benadryl, steroids, and epinephrine I finally started to feel better and got to really hold my daughter and even nurse her around 1:00 in the morning.

We moved up to a shared recovery room around 2:00 and proceeded to sleep not a whole lot for the rest of the night, since if our baby wasn't crying, the other baby in the room was.
It was a really bad setup, but the birth center was crazy busy that night (a storm system had just come through!) and it was the only option for us.

On Friday we had lots of poking and prodding done and didn't sleep much either, though we tried. Nursing proceeded okay, but I had really sore nipples and couldn't get good help from the people at the hospital, though they did give me some Lansinoh, and that stuff was amazing!

Saturday we pushed and pushed and pushed to go home and finally got discharged around 1:30 in the afternoon. Yay!

Since then I've had bleeding nipples that hurt tremendously, but have magically cleared up and breastfeeding is going perfectly fine.

I came back to the hospital last night because I'm having severe pain in my back and side that make it very difficult for me to breathe. They've run tons of tests and ruled out the worst possibilities, which is good, but leaves me no closer to feeling better. I've been admitted for observation, and we're waiting for one more test to look for kidney stones, then I'm not sure they have any further ideas.

It's been a rough five days so far, but every time I look at my daughter's face I'm so grateful that she hasn't had any difficulties through it all. I'll take the pain if it means she doesn't have to, that's for sure. But I'm still really looking forward to feeling human again one of these days.
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First I would like to say, Gorgeous baby girl! Absolutely beautifull! She looks so alert in her pics!

s to you strong mama! It sounds like things have been so hard for you. I hope they figure out what is making you hurt and can patch you up so that you can start to relax and hopefully enjoy your babymoon soon!
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Wow. 8.5 hours of pushing. You are awesome!

And you have a beautiful baby girl. I really hope and pray that you feel better soon!
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DDCC...Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl!

And here's to a speedy recovery for you!
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Congratulations on your baby girl's birth. She's gorgeous!!

And go you on doing everything it took to get her here safely! I hope your recovery improves quickly.
What a beautiful baby girl! And look at the fingernails on her! No wonder everyone tells you to bring nail clippers with you when the baby is born.

I'm so, so sorry to hear about your horrible reaction to the anesthesia. You must be so miserable. And all that after hours and hours of pushing! I hope they continue to discover there's nothing seriously wrong and that you just need to rest so you can be at home, comfortable, enjoying your beautiful baby.

Congratulations on your beautiful Caitlin! She's gorgeous!

I'm so sorry you've had such a rough time postpartum--here's hoping everything is just fine and you're able to heal quickly and enjoy your time with your little girl.
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she's beautiful.
Truly, mama...what a darling.

I'm sorry these days have been so rough.
Honestly, reading your birth story, you should be so incredibly proud of yourself! That is A LOT of must have required so much stamina and mental energy to keep focused. I'm in awe.

I'm hoping you're feeling better soon, and that you'll be able to settle down into a comfy newborn babymoon.

Congratulations, mama!
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Jen, you are such a strong mama! Caitlin is so lucky to have a brave lady who gave her the wonderful benefits of labor and contractions as much as possibly could be! I am proud of you! Welcome beautiful little Caitlin!

Second, so sorry you're having such a rough time of it. I also send
and wishes for a speedy recovery and a great babymoon at home with your girl.
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She's beautiful!

Congrats Mama!!
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Wow! I am sorry it was such a tough delivery and recovery. Your little girl is beautiful. Congratulations and hang in there... things will get better.
Wow! You are amazing and she is so beautiful! I hope you are feeling better soon. Let us know please.
Thank you, everyone!

I'm enjoying every minute of having this wonderful little baby.
She's a champion nurser and pretty good with sleeping too. Though she's not a fan of being naked, so she's happy to show her lung power with diaper changes.

All the tests they ran in the hospital (we were there nearly 24 hours) came back negative for any serious trouble, which is good. And they removed my staples, also good. So now I'm trying to avoid anything that triggers the major flare-ups of my back & side pain and hoping it all clears up soon. I can't quite stand up straight, and my breathing is pretty labored, but I can get around as much as I need to, so I'm trying to keep my spirits up. Caitlin definitely helps with that!

Crafty - Has your baby come yet? I'm a bit behind in posts and wasn't sure, but I wanted to let you know that my itching went away during labor and never returned. The rash was alnost gone after 3 days. Evert doctor, nurse, and midwife who saw it said it was the worst they'd ever seen, but the relief is so amazing!
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Congrats Jenifer on your beautiful girl - she is perfect! Sorry things have been going so rough, but I am glad to hear nursing is doing well and the bonding sounds like its going great!

Take care of yourself mama and enjoy all those great newborn snuggles!
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