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I've got a 20 mos old son who has enamel hypoplasia and so now has several teeth with decay that will be fixed tomorrow.

I've done a lot of reading of the archives and also posted a long article with my treatment plan and questions about it.
My Dental Thread

I've read in the archives and the Mothering magazine article to give calc phos to the child.

What I don't know is how much? The minimum stated on the vial?

Also, does it help with current decay? Does it help with remineralization? If so, how? I've read that calcium phosphate isn't readily soluble so does it make it into your saliva for remineralization?

Is it is good enough for helping his calcium intake for building his permenant teeth?

Part of why I'm asking is that I am part of a Yahoo Dental Group that is geared for AP parents with young/very young kids with dental problems. One of the women there asked about calc phos and thinks there may not be as good a reason for taking it as a calcium rinse. But I can't give her any scientific information.


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Homeopathics stimulate the body to heal itself so giving calc phos is nothing like a calcium rinse. Unfortunately, though, chronic problems such as this should only be tackled by a professional homeopath. Acute problems or first aid situations are perfect for the amateur prescriber but I would never try to prescribe for a chronic problem like this one. A professional will find the right remedy/dosage for your childs specific situation. It is possible that calc phos may not even be the right remedy. They will know what changes to watch for after the remedy is given, when to give more, when to change to a different remedy, etc. This can totally be fixed by a professional but I would not try to do it myself if it were my child- and I use homeopathy for my family all the time.

Here is a link that contains a list of homeopaths:

Good luck to you.
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