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Calcium supplement causing baby to have extreme gas?

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When I was pregnant I started taking a liquid calcium supplement to help with some pretty severe back pain. It helped a fair bit, but then I started getting severe diarrhea (Sorry if TMI). I lowered my dosage to about a third, and it stopped. Now that I've had my baby, I'm still taking calcium, but my son has had REALLY bad gas, and practically liquid poohs, which are EXPLOSIVE. I've never heard such loud explosive poohs from such a small baby. Tonight it dawned on me that there might be a connection between that and the calcium I'm taking. Has anyone else ever heard of anything like this, or had a similiar experience? I decided to forego taking it for a few days to see what happens... Will keep you posted...
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Calcium shouldn't be causing him gas. Iron very, very well could, are you still taking a prenatal?

He SHOULD have very liquid and explosive bm's at his age if he's breastfed. They can be quite impressive!
No, I'm not taking any iron anymore. I try to get the iron through the food I eat. I'm not real keen on taking ANY kind of supplements, so I'm doing good to be taking calcium even. My little guy seems sensitive to dairy, so I've cut that out, and am still having some back pain (from my MONDO engorged breasts, and carrying Micah around all the time) so continued taking the calcium.

I AM glad to hear that the explosive gas and poohs are par for the course with a breastfed baby. Everyone who hears him seems to think he's abnormally loud and gassy and explosive. (He grunts LOUDLY all day).
If you've cut dairy out, just wanted to make sure you know to also check labels for anything with whey, or casein, or ____caiseinate listed in the ingredients. It's cow's milk protein sensitivity at this age, not lactose (babies produce lots of lactase enzyme). Of course avoid cow's milk, butter, and yogurt. Be careful with margarine's too, a lot of them have cow's milk protein ingredients. If you want to make sure you don't become lactose intolerant due to your own avoidance, be sure to include sheep's milk and goat's milk products in your diet. Also be aware that many babies who are allergic to cow's milk proteins are also allergic to soy. Even if they aren't soy can make babies (and grown-ups!) really gassy. If you've upped intake of soy due to decrease of cow dairy, this could be your gas source!

Your baby's poops sound perfect! Grunting, even with the loose/liquid breastmilk poops is perfectly normal. ENJOY! Hang in there!
Make sure your calcium supp isn't made with dairy! Calcium is good for bones, but what about chiropractic for more relief? It can be a life-saver.

A chiro can also treat your baby, if necc.
Soy! That's the second time today I've heard that soy could also be causing the gas. I am drinking about 1/2 cup of soy a day (in my Krakus coffee substitute). I'll try stopping the soy too and see if that helps.

I checked the calcium yesterday, and there's no dairy in it. Good thinking though...

Tried the chiro, tried massage, tried physio... the only thing that helped was the calcium... It's all upper back pain, and nobody can seem to figure out the cause...
Soy! That's the second time today I've heard that soy could also be causing the gas.
I just figured this out--started drinking soymilk a couple months ago and Casey's "toots" have been loud and smelling **horrible**!!! (Mine too, for that matter--TMI, sorry!) Went off it and it got better, but I need something to eat in my cereal, so back onto it we went. Just call us Stinky!
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