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Calendula Questions

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My ds2 has mild eczema and my face has been terrible lately (acne, tired looking, blotchy and crappy).

I've been doing the obvious, taking care of my diet, drinking more water, etc. I switched back from just using dr bronner's in the shower to the Oil Cleansing Method with my face and added a drop of tea trea oil to the oil I use

The only thing that really seems to be giving either of us any real results is calendula. I've been applying calendula cream to his rough spots and they're almost gone. My face is starting to look bright and clear again.

My question: Can I use too much of it? I'm new to homeopathy and am afraid that if I use it too regularly it will stop working. I was thinking once I get ds's eczema under control I'd go back to regular shea butter and use the calendula for , but for me I've not found anything else that works. A google search didn't really yeild an answer other than it's really good stuff.

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See a homeopath on this one! Calendula is wonderful stuff but a large problem is starting when people use homeopathics 'allopathically'. Meaning, if calendula heals surface wounds fast, it is applied to all surface wounds, if sulfur is good for acne it is applied to all acne. In effect, if calendula is not the proper homeopathic for your case, while it may work now, it may not later.

I am glad that it is giving relief, however, I highly recommend seeing a homeopath and getting on a constitutional remedy. Your constitutional remedy will work to cure this and other issues. My mother had a tumor in her leg, a cyst on her back, a gallbladder issue, strange spots on her arm, and migraine headaches. One dose of her constitutional remedy worked on all aspects of her body, mind, and emotion.

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine and is meant to be applied to your entire person, not just your face. These issues are constitutional as well and should be treated by a professional. Colds you can treat acutely from home but these issues are deeper than that. Also, you should rejoice that these issues are on your skin!!! That may sound funny but that means they are not attacking your organs! Skin creams that 'cure' or steroids work to drive the condition inside, they don't truly 'cure' the issue. Eczema or an ear infection driven inward will manifest as a deeper pathology, such as asthma.

Single remedies are the standard in homeopathic care, using two or more remedies together can antidote each other. Many blends are sold on the market today, if aconite, belladonna, and chamomilla are the polychrest remedies for children's colds then if they are blended together a child needing belladonna will pick that up. This is not proper practice. Far better would be to buy the three seperately (or better yet a kit) and buy a good homeopathic acute care book. Then when ds or dd gets sick, search on the colds section for a cold that matches their own and give two granules and wait to see a change. If after a few doses, which can be given every half hour for two hours, you see no change, then move on to the next best remedy. I will post a few good resources in a bit.

I am currently a student of homeopathy, but I studied independently as a mother looking for a better medicine for my child and once I began professional schooling for homeopathy I realized how terribly misinformed I was. I wish to inform all of the mothers just like me how this medicine really is to be used.

I hope this helps you out! I would love to answer any questions you may have. Homeopathy is a passion of mine.

Blessings and wishing you the true 'cure'!

Kudos to you for choosing homeopathy!
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We used calendual ointment for my DS who had terrible eczema as an infant. We used it under the understanding that this was a temporary topical treatment, and that in order to rid him of eczema, we'd have to treat the underlying systemic issues. With this type of usage, I didn't worry about using too much. It took us about 6 months to win the battle against eczema. Now, we're working on healing his gut, to make the change permanent, so to say.
Are you using a specifically *homeopathic* calendula preparation? I ask because calendula is also used in herbalism/plant medicine, not necessarily only as a homeopathic. I am an herbalist and I use calendula in many different forms (dried flower in teas, ground up in food; fresh flower for poultices, steams, and in salads; and the oil, from steeping fresh picked blossoms in EVOO for several weeks). There are many uses, herbally, for calendula, on your skin being the most popular b/c of its anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiseptic qualities. It is very effective at healing external irritations and skin problems.
I honestly don't know much about homeopathy, but I wanted to put in my two cents, and let you know that as far as herbs and plant medicine goes (herbalism and homeopathy are quite different), calendula preparations using the whole flower and its extracts (tincture, oil) or the dried blossoms, are very safe, and externally you can't use it "too much". However, if you are pregnant, avoid using it INTERNALLY, since it is an emmenagogue. Externally during preg is fine. HTH!
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Oh, yes, I totally agree w/ Siana...Both acne and eczema are symptoms of something else going on (usually w/the gut it seems), and while you can't really use "too much" calendula, I wouldn't just rely on it, b/c while it does wonders topically and is a great plant medicine, it probably isn't curing the deeper problem!
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