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Calgary mamas?

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Hello everyone! I am moving to Calgary in two weeks, and am hoping to make some new friends. I've heard that Calgary has a way bigger ap/nfl community!
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Bigger than where? We have an AP playgroup that meets centrally on thursdays, and several offshoots in smaller communities. Also a yahoo group for discussions. Welcome (soon)!
hey mamaberd

I currently live in chilliwack, BC, and have NO AP/NFL friends. MY friend pointed me to the yahoo group, and it looks so busy! yay! Can't wait to get out there!!
We just moved to Calgary & still settling in a bit, but I'm hoping to make some NFL-ish connections.... where to start?
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Hi gals,

We are possibly moving to Calgary soon and I am looking for some info. Is there a Calgary tribe here or may I join the Yahoo group to get in touch with local mammas?

hello, I haven't really found a calgary tribe here, but there is a great yahoo group for Calgary moms. I get the emails, but have yet to go out to a playgroup! Mel
Pixiexto- You might want to try and make it to the Natural Family Fair on November 4 in Bowness. Website:

Its organized by Tammy who started the central Calgary AP playgroup years ago. Many people from the playgroup will be there and the info available is awesome. Its a nice slice of alternative Calgary. I won't make it- will be headed out of town to see the grandma's- I am sorry to miss it this year.

Also if you are looking for the yahoo group- search for 'calgary attachment parenting'.
Hi mamaberd.... I'm already connected into the group, but thank you so much for making sure!
Perhaps we've met already
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Where do all you mamas in Cg like to shop for your wee ones? Would you be interested in woolen clothing for them from recycled sweaters? Soft linings, soakers and longies and the occasional organic cotton hoodie?
Hi Calgary Mamas!

My SIL recently moved to Calgary, and she is newly pregnant with her first. She had her first meeting with a GP today, and was really discouraged by her apparent lack of options concerning pregnancy and birth care. She was told her only options were to go with this one group of OBs (never knowing which one will be at your prenatal appointments, or which one will be there for your birth), or paying $4000 for a midwife. Is this right? Are there more options? Anyone have have any links for me to pass on to her?

Thanks so much!

I am relocating to Calgary and have found a group of AP Mammas who are absolutely wonderful. I am sure that they can provide your SIL with some info.

It might not make a difference to your SIL but both the midwife groups in Calgary are ~$3000.

I would recommend she contact Birth Unlimited, a nonprofit dedicated to educating about natural birth options in Calgary.

Good luck
Hello all,

I've just found this site and live in the Calgary area. I'd love to hear more about your play group etc.


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calgary here

c'mon out of the woodwork cowtown
We are around for sure.
I have to find my way to that NW playgroup one of these Thursdays.. Maybe this week!
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We are here too!

Jeanniebean- you definitely need to check out the AP Group. It is wonderful! Playgroup will soon be moving outside.
I am on the Calgary AP boards as well. I have a 13mos old DS and I live just outside of town in Cochrane. We should make a Calgary Thread!
Take Care!
Hi mamas, I think I know some of you IRL

Where DO we shop for NFL stuff? Most of my baby stuff is gifts, mail-order, or secondhand...I'm not loving the options for new stuff in town (that I know of.)
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i want to come to some playgroups but alas i am too lazy to find them online.. and i dont remember my yahoo password!!
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Playgroup is on Thursdays so come out tomorrow.
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