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Calgon causing repelling fleece!

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I just stripped all my fleece about a week ago, scrubbing both sides with Dawn, etc...

Because of a major buildup issue on my whole stash, I used Calgon followed by a few hot washes, and no more stink! I was happy, until I put DD in a HH w/ CPF and put her to bed. She woke up a few minutes later and was completely soaked. I checked the HH and sure enough, it had never repelled so heavily.

Did the Calgon do this? I thought it was ok to wash everything, and it wouldn't hurt the fleece. Now I have to go back and strip all the fleece--again! What did I do wrong?
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I just posted to you on the other board, but figured I'd give this a bump just in case anyone here had any ideas. I hope there's a quick resolution
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Oh no!!

I just ran 3 washes, the last with just Calgon and an extra rinse! Is all my fleece going to repel now? I too have been struggling with stinky hemp and perfecting my wash routine. Sport wash made my Happy Heinys stink, tho' the fleece worked, but didn't help the stinky hemp. I stopped that and have just been using Tide and an occasional bit of Calgon but was noticing that ds was waking up wet more often and maybe my fleece was starting to repel.

Quick, someone solve this! (Linda, aka detergent diva, where are you???)
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I really don't see how Calgon would do this-- it works by releasing detergent residue and allowing it to rinse out in the wash. The only thing I can think of is maybe it released it out but you didn't do enough rinses to allow it to flush out of the water and away from the dipes. It's very complicated to explain, but the first time you strip you need lots of hot rinses to wash the gunk away after it is released.

All I can think of is maybe there was some Fab. Softener residue in the washer from a previous load of clothes, or new detergent (free and clear maybe??). Or maybe you are using some kind of rash cream or baby oil on your baby that might be causing the fleece to repel?

I bet I didn't rinse enough...only 3 times. But we don't use fabric softener, and I haven't switched detergent, so it must be the rinses.

I am using Burts Bees diaper creme, and lately a lot of it, as she got sort of 'burned' from the ammonia/wetness, etc...

Thanks for the help Darshani, I'll try again and hopefully, it'll work this time.
I noticed the performance of all our fleece went downhill a bit after I stopped using Calgon - cant get it at my local supermarket anymore.
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