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We have a water softener so I thought I wouldn't have that problem, but honestly the last month or so I felt like the clothes and diapers weren't coming clean! So I tried this tip today on all my prefolds that were already clean and dried. I just ran a hot wash with no detergent and 1/2 cup Calgon water softener. OH MY GOSH

For one thing I saw suds once the agitation started. Not a ton but enough to make me realize we've got detergent buildup. I did one more wash and there were no suds. When they came out of the dryer they had quilted up SOOOOO much. And they smelled heavenly. Not like fragrance, but just like pure clean cloth. Ahhhhh....

I did this on all of our laundry today (12 loads) and the rest of our diaper stash (2 more loads). WHEW! But it worked so well for me that I had to keep trying it out.

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