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Calico Baby?

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I haven't been around for several months -- my stash has worked for me up until now, but my chunker needs the next size up already -- I love my calico baby aio's but can't get into her site (it's been down for two days) and she hasn't answered my email. Anybody know if she's still around? Or do you have any recommendations for an aio (or pocket) that I *have* to try? Anything new? Thanks!!
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I think it's just temporary. I ordered wipes from her last Monday, and they arrived on Friday.
Thanks for the info -- how strange! The site is still down. Hope she's ok!
I'm here, I'm here!! I don't know what's up with the site. I e-mailed the guy about it a couple of days ago but it's still not back.
I was out of town for a long weekend so I'm behind on e-mails! I've also been trapped in a pregnancy coma for 20 wks, now, so I'm a little s...l.....o.....w these days!
Yippee! I'm glad you are ok and that your store is still open. I'll wait for your email and hopefully place an order sometime soon!!
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