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Calling All Central Ca Babywearers!

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we are currently looking for local babywearers to help man a babywearing info booth at the 3RD annual fresno babyfest. info on the fest is here:

this is a nonprofit event, run entirely by volunteer mamas and the proceeds are split between fest expenses and the nonprofits that sponsor us. it is held locally at the discovery center ( which is a local children's science and natural history museum (minus the museum, which was destroyed by fire a few years the profits help them towards rebuilding)

our theme for our babyfest every year is babywearing and we have a babywearing info booth that needs mamas to run it...our committee is short-staffed already and we're stretched to the limit, so we need to bring in reinforcements for this booth.

what we need are mamas that are knowledgable about babywearing, have experience with a number of slings, if possible, and can be outgoing and friendly with the public, answering questions and showing people how to wear their babies...a bit of knowledge on the benefits of babywearing would also be really helpful. we have handouts and a display with pics of locals wearing their babies and samples of slings from our local APmommies groups' sling lending library that are at the booth for people to check out...and we have the videos that came with some of the slings to show on a tv during the the booth is essentially ready to go (although you are more than welcome to add to it!) we just need some mamas to help us man it!

anyone out there that is interested, please email us at [email protected]

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