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Calling all Charting Queens!!!

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Can someone please offer some words of wisdom about my chart? What do you see? Did I ovulate or not? Is it even possible to have such a long fertile window??

Any and all suggestions, thoughts, suspicions, questions are very welcome.
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I think based on your CM and temps, you possibly O'd around CD 14 or 15. I definitely think its possible to have a long fertile window. You can have pre-O signs for a few days or so before O.
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It's possible for O to be on cd16 you will have to wait for a Coverline and 3 temps above it to confirm O.
Based on CM and what could be a temp dip, I'd say it is possible you Oed on CD 16. Only the temp rise will tell, though.

I see you have a lot of open circles on your chart. I assume that means you aren't temping at a consistent time. ? If so, this can make interpreting your chart a bit tougher.

Good luck!!
Thanks to all!!!

Yes, I'm not suspecting I O'd yesterday... I have a lot of temps NOT taken at a consistent time (I started at a time that usually would have been fine and then my dd started waking up really early...) so they are not very reliable... But based on CM, yes, I think it had to be yesterday... My mood sure as heck changed AND I'm tired, so horribly tired...

So I guess I'm "waiting to know" now...

Thanks again, ladies.
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