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calling all cooks -- ? about food processors

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What food processoers do you own and love, or hate?

I tried to make baby food for the freezer this am with our blender -- no go -- the sweet pototo spun to the outsides and would not go in the blades to be made liquid like for the freezer..........

DH said I can get a processer if i want -- i do -- but i want o get one that i will like.

I also want one that can do small batches (one squash) or a big batch.

I also want one that will be useful for other stuff in my new kitchen (I am really getting into cooking for the first time ever -- call me Betty).


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I happen to really like the Magic Bullet. I've heard a negative comment about after a purchased it, but still gave it a try. I found that it's very easy to work with and it chops great. My son has a texture problem, so the other day I chopped the pieces of meat so finely, it was like yogurt.
You can prepare baby food and adult food in it.
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