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If you are a doula on Oahu, we need your help!!!
Have you heard of Operation Special Delivery?

OSD consists of a large group of volunteer-doulas nationwide, that committ themselves to serving women who's husbands/partners are deployed at the time of the birth of their baby. These women usually do not have family near them and want someone to help them and be there for them for the birth of their child. Hawaii currently only has ONE (that's me!) volunteer doula. I cannot handle the load myself. There are more and more women finding out about OSD and applying for a doula, but I have to turn them away sometimes because of my schedule (I have three kids and one on the way, am a wife, a student and a childbirth educator). I am going on vacation Sept/Oct and there are MANY women due that I can't help.

We need some more volunteer doulas. The more we get the less work it would be for everyone, and the more you are helping women who really need someone to be there for them!

If you're interested just go to the website and apply to be a volunteer. I hope to hear that we have more doulas here soon.

Thanks so much!
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