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Calling all mamas! Diaper Wash routine?

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Hi all! We will be getting a new washer and have decided on a front loading style. I think we will get a Kenmore (best by Consumer Reports)...which gets to my question:


I have always used a top loader, but the old one is dying and we decided on a front loader for energy and water efficiency. I have no experience with front loaders.

What is your wash routine? Does the front vs top loader make a difference? What about types of detergent? Any and all advice would be appreciated!
Thanks! Laura
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I just have an old top loader... sorry I am no help
I'm about to start cloth diapering and own a front loader - all washing advice I've read seems geared to a top loader, so I'd love an answer to this please as well!
I think simple is best, personally, regardless of the washer. I've read a lot of dipe boards where people talk about this presoak and that rinse and this third rinse, yadda, yadda, yadda. In my 4 years, using both types of machines (mine is top, mom's is front), the best advice is to keep it simple and use less detergent. (I'm a mom of twins, so hard routines just won't work

1. cold pre-wash or rinse (nothing in water)
2. HOT wash with a little (tbl spoon or 2 )of detergent
3. cold rinse (not an extra, just a setting option on my washer)

The 2 things that make the biggest diff, imho, is how hot the water is and the amount of detergent. Hotter=better ; less detergent=less build-up and stink issues. HTH!
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Just to confuse matters - I know a lot of people have had trouble in FLs because they didn't use ENOUGH detergent. If you're using a special "HE" detergent, it's formulated with less stuff in it already, so you may need to use the full amount. Same thing if you're using something like Charlie's Soap that's made to rinse out without residues - full amount. Otherwise you get stink not from residues, but from the diapers not getting clean to begin with.

The "use less" may only apply if you're using a regular commercial detergent.
Every 3 days or so, we load up all the used diapers and haul them to the laundromat. We rinse any messy diapers REALLY well (pretty much a hand-wash)

I run them through a single hot wash / cold rinse cycle. I use Tide, or baking soda & vinegar.

I dry them, then take them home.
We've been dealing with hemp stink issues since we moved and bought a FL. If you CD, I would seriously consider whether you want a FL. Life was so much easier with our TL.
If you do decide on a FL, my best advice is to use very little detergent. I use less than a tablespoon for my regular laundry, and for dipes and towels, I only use a few drops--literally. Start off with just a little and see how that works for you. If you have hard water you may have to use more.
We do a prerinse on cold and then a heavy cycle with a hot wash/cold rinse--this cycle automatically does two rinses.
Remember, FL use MUCH less water, so you need much less detergent and it will save you $$

Good luck!
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I have Frigedaire FL. it is great!
i usually rinse and soak them in a 5Gal bucket with oxygen bleach.
and then stick them with our clothes with Regular Heavy Wash, Hot/Cold, extra rince. i put Bio Kleen half their cup, and Vinegar in Fabric softner area.
i do laundry once a day.
I wash mine daily... somthing about them sitting somewhere for too long bothers me especially in the summer. So I usually fill up my washer with nice warm water and natural detergent... let them sit until I'm reading to run it and off they go. Then I hang to dry. Not sure if anyone else will think this is gross (I don't) but I usually throw a few other things in along with them and have never had a problem ... it all comes out clean and nice.
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