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I have a woman, that I rent my house from, and she is also a hairdresser. She is buying a house here in Auburn, WA, to use for her new hair shop. There is garage on the back side of the building, I believe it's a two car, but regardless, they are going to tear it down and were thinking about putting a small little office building there (would be the same size that the garage was). They were then thinking about renting that to me (if I wanted it for my childbirth education classes, an office space ect) for $500 a month. That's a bit steep for me right now, so I thought it would be perfect if I could split that with another person in the same/similair field as myself. So that means another doula, massage therapist, anything like that. Please PM me if you are in the area and interested. I would really like to snatch this oppurtunity!
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