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I posted this in the finding your tribe thread too, but thought this might get more views. I saw a lot of people in another thread here said 100 a week isnt enough, but wonder if that is the same in this area (more rural, lots of mamas barely making minimum wage themselves so they cant pay much) but anyway, here it is:<br><br>
What do you pay/would you be willing to pay for inhome daycare in this area?<br>
Would adult/child ratio be a factor? Would you pay more for a smaller ratio or is money too big of an issue? I'm asking because Im seriously considering opening an inhome daycare so I can stay home with my babies, but I have to make up my income and I'd rather charge more and have fewer kids (for thier sakes too, not just mine) but Im not sure what the going rate is these days (my fil lives with us and does it for free, well, we do provide room and board...)<br><br>
My brother pays sixty dollars a week for an actual daycare. Theres a daycare in town here that charges ninety a month for two days, only eight am till two pm. When my 13yr old was a babe I did this and I charged seventy five I think, but its been awhile (thats seventyfive per kid per week).<br><br>
I was thinking if I charged 100, I could have just four, plus my two, is six, with two adults all day thats three to one ratio, but then if others are only charging sixty, no one would pay it. I dont want to feel like Im just warehousing them though. I dont know, its late, Im tired, Im rambling, but any input would be greatly appreciated anyway!!
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