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Calling soaker knitters!

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Okay, I know there are several diapering mamas that are knitting soakers, and I think that I am ready to tackle this area seeing as I doubt I will ever be hyena savvy enough to get a MM slot, and I can't afford Rb! So, do tell...

Patterns-If you use one, which one(s)? Where can I find them? Which one is your fave?

TIA! Heidi
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Little Turtle Knits, Holy Sheep and Wooly Wonders are all MDC mamas who sell patterns. I've used ideas from all three to come up with my own pattern that I like.
I took probably every "how to knit" book out from our local library and my first completed project was the LTK soaker:

I just received the Fern & Faerie pattern - which looks even easier for a beginner - plus there's several options within the pattern book - longies, soaker, tights ...

Anybody got links for Wooly Wonders and Holy Sheep?

TO get the wooly wonder pattern, you send her PP money to her e-mail--here is a description on the front of her group pages.
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As for which one is best, they are all about the same difficulty - each has it's challenges. I would simply go by appearance only - as in, how do you want your final product to look?
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