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I have some fantastic news! There is a new store in Colonial Heights (near Kingsport) called "Breastfeeding Essentials." Becky Flora, the owner is IBCLC, and supports ebf and cloth diapering! Right now she carries medela and avent products as well as herbal supplements and remedies for mamas and babes. She also has a free support group that meets once a month.

During our visit today she expressed interest in Paige's cds, and mentioned that she wants to start carrying some cd products in her store. I am going to be taking some bummis whisper wraps and pants, fuzzibunz, and wonderoos to show her next week (I couldn't think of any other large production dipes that we have on hand and like...if you can, lmk and I'll ask her to check those out too!)

In any case, she is very friendly and helpful!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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