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Calm me down I am freaking out!!!

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Ugh. I just went to the local community dental clinic last week to get my teeth checked out from a referral from WIC. They did 2 x-rays and I was double covered with the lead blanket thing. I kinda questioned it at the time, but they knew I was pg and so I assumed it was all fine and good. today I talked to a regular dental clinic in town and the front desk woman kinda freaked out when I said this. Now I am totally and utterly freaking out. I felt that since I was double blanketed and such and they do these OB consults often that it was normal procedure, now I am almost crying thinking I may have done something terrible to my child. Freaking out here. I don't really want to Google anything because I just know it all will be bad
...I'm scared for my baby. FWIW-I was 14 wks when this happened and the baby has been moving and such since I just am so freaked after what the front desk woman said. Ugh......
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I know the biggest risk is in the first tri - which you are out of so you should be fine. And then the biggest risk is low birth weight. Which again you were out of the first tri. But yea in the future I would wait till after the baby is born to get xrays. If you are concerned you can call your ob/mw. I am sure they will offer some reassuring words.
Ok, so the front desk woman was... a secretary? Who has done exactly *no* research, and has *no* education on the subject? Doesn't sound like a reliable source of information to me.

The people at the dental clinic who double gowned you likely have education that backs their reasoning for doing what they did.

I actually have a friend who fell down her stairs pretty badly at 4 weeks pregnant (before she knew). She went to the hospital where they x-rayed her *pelvis* from several different positions, and other parts of her body. When she realized she was pregnant she consulted with her doctor, and a doc friend of ours who *were not concerned*. I thought it was a little strange (the lack of concern) so I did my own homework on the subject. I'm usually waaaaay more concerned about technologies during pregnancy (I haven't even had one U/S in my pregnancy). I came to the same conclusion that the docs did...
The history of x-rays in pregnancy is that they used them the same way that ultrasounds are used now... and that was x-rays of the *pelvis* - not double lead gowned x-rays of your teeth.

Talk to your care provider, I'm sure that will help you feel better.
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Oh I am ok, I actually did google and found out it's not that big of a deal. It's just not policy at this clinic. Thanks. I usually don't freak that much about stuff, but this one just got me.
I've had several x-rays this pg, dental and then a foot injury. I'm completely fine with getting them if I'm double blanketed.
it *can* be dangerous. it it's certainly not healthy thing to do for no good reason... but it doesn't mean your baby will be born with low birth weight or anything like that.

we all make little mistakes. I am a birth doula who knows a good bit about birth! I am also a 3rd time mama... and this pregnancy I accidentally took a supplement for quite while before having a duh moment and realizing it was causing my pre term labour. of all people I should have known better... but you know, you can't do everything perfect. we ALL have done stupid things during pregnancy without realizing it. the real problem is Xrays *can* cause problems and the benefits should be outweighed by the problems it could cause. every situation is different.

I would just take a deep breath and continue on being healthy.
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I had some dental x-rays during my second pregnancy and my baby was fine and he weighed 10LBS 2OZ at birth so he certainly didn't have low birth weight. I would avoid unless totally necessary in the future, but I'm sure baby is just fine!! No worries.
I had x-rays at the dentist before I even knew I was pregnant (and only one layer of that weird vest thingy) - I was almost 7weeks at the time and I now have a perfectly healthy, absolutely beautiful baby boy.

My bet is that you have nothing to worry about!
I'm also the in the camp of having had xrays in pregnancy. Last pregnancy, I had 2 back to back. One on my ankle because I rolled it & fell, doctors worried it was broken. Funny enough, when I fell on was on my way to my car to go get a chest xray because I had pneumonia. Avoid if possible? I would. But I'm guessing you have nothing to worry about.
The guy who did my root canal talked a bit about how he gave X-rays to women who were pregnant who had to have root canals. I was complaining because I was still BFing. But he explained that they double gowned and it was really quite common.
Was it a digital x-ray? These are much less harmful, than the old school ones.
I too had to have dental x-rays a few weeks ago (& then lots of dental work, YUCK & OUCH). I was about 9 weeks, they were digital x-rays, & I wore 2 vests. They explained that it wasn't risky, & I took their word for it because I didn't really have a choice. I need several root canals, even.
I live in dental pain all the time & am so sick of it! Wah! I've been totally wondering if 3 pregnancies in a row is causing my sudden increase in dental caries. Hmph. I do take cal/mag daily.

Anyway, just wanted to commiserate with you!
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Originally Posted by zjande View Post
I've been totally wondering if 3 pregnancies in a row is causing my sudden increase in dental caries. Hmph. I do take cal/mag daily.
The hormonal changes and the m/s sickness are really bad for our teeth. Brushing, flossing, using flourid and possibly things like 'recaldent' to remineralize can really help, says my sister (a dentist). She also suggests chewing gum (with xylitol and recaldent) after snacks, if you can't brush right away.
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Hey there, I think your baby will be fine

When I was 8 weeks I had to have a cat scan and a chest x-ray (I was having some lung issues) and I was really freaking out too. I spoke to at least 5 doctors including 2 ob/gyn's and everyone assured me that the baby will be ok. One of the ob/gyn's said that they could have done the x-ray without the lead blanket and my baby would still be ok (that shocked me, not sure about that, but that's what she said!).

I've since had my 20 week u/s and heard the baby's heartbeat many times and he is just fine
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