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2007/06/16 - Cambrex have sold the Research Products and Microbial Biopharmaceutical business to Lonza.

Neonatal Fibroblasts:

Neonatal Keratinocytes:

Neonatal Melanocytes:

The melanocyte poster is now here:
" Materials and Methods
Cell Sources

NHEM are isolated neonatal foreskin tissue resulting from routine circumcision. All samples are tested via PCR for HIV DNA and Hepatitis B and C DNA. These tissues are processed using mechanical and enzymatic methods. Once the cells are liberated from the tissue, they are cultured in a proprietary Melanocyte Isolation Medium through two passages "

Cell lines do not last forever and need to be replaced constantly - from the instruction sheet from Lonza (previously Cambrex, and obviously still using their documentation)
Instruction sheet:

Cambrex warrants its cells in the following manner
only if Clonetics media and reagents are used.
1. Clonetics NHEK cryopreserved cultures are
assured for experimental use for fifteen
population doublings.
2. Clonetics NHEK proliferating cultures are
assured for experimental use for ten population
3. Additional population doublings and subcultures
are possible, but growth rate, biological
responsiveness and function deteriorate with
subsequent passage.
4. NHEK can become irreversibly contact-inhibited
if allowed to reach confluence. To avoid the loss
of your cells and forfeiture of your warranty,
subculture cells before they reach 80%

I know some of you are following the biotech industry and might be interested in the information.
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