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camping/traveling... WWYD??

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We are going to be taking off in the motorhome for several days next week. I won't have laundry facilities until we get home...

I'm worried about the space of both the clean dipes and the storage of the dirty ones. I'm also worried about the smell....being confined into the motorhome.

I'm seriously considering using sposies for those days. WWYD??
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I would use sposies. You gotta do what you gotta do.
The smell factor alone!
if it's only a few days, i wouldn't think the smellies would be too bad...especially if you keep the dirties in a cool place.

-option two would be to use prefolds and wool soaker covers....prefolds can easily be washed/rinsed with minimal water (maybe with water in a bucket) and hung to dry over night.

-option three would be to use *better* sposies. we, on some occassions, have used seventh generation sposies and i have to say, they are really absorbant and cut generously to give a fit without leaving red marks. (no flames please!)

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Are we talkin' bf poop or solids poop? I've travelled with cloth and bf poop- no big deal at all, but it might be different with solids poop. Baking soda and lavender/TTO are your friends!
Well if you are bound and determined to use cloth you could buy a batch of those throw away gerber liners to catch poo (fredmeyer) and put each used diaper in a (recycled) ziplock before putting it in an airtight plastic container.
I've only dealt with BF poops, but we had them in the car for a few days and it was fine. Since your dd is just a little younger than mine, I would think it would be fine.
I've went camping one time last year with CDs for only 3 days(BF poop) and I'm going again next month. I just kept the dirty ones in a bucket of water and rinsed them out at the water faucet outside near the camp site. I used FBs and Snugwees. The SnugWees took forever to dry, but the FBs were so easy to dryout and store away. I'm having a hard time deciding what I'm going to use this time because we are going to be gone for 5 days! Maybe PFs and wool soakers.
I just did a two week drive, and used sposies on both girls. Much as I dislike them, it was so much easier. From a practical point of view, they could go much longer between changes than in cloth, and I'd have hated to have had to keep stopping to change diapers. It was hard enough with the miles we had to cover. Plus, when we arrived somewhere, I'd have hated having to disappear to do laundry rather than spend time with the kids.

But it was wonderful to get home yesterday and get out my cloth again!! Made me really appreciate cds even more!

We aren't talking BF poop... my DD is a HUGE solids fan and thus has HUGE solids poo (I notice they don't have a emoticon for GAG)

I just occured to me that I don't even have enough dipes to go that long (5 1/2 days) so I think I've answered my own question... I'll HAVE to take some level of sposies.

I don't have any place cool to store them.... the motorhome actually becomes an oven during the day. My only other option would be to store them in one of the underneath compartments, but I feel gross about putting my beloved dipes down there (yes... I'm a wierdo!)
I would go with prefolds and flats, they're easy to wash out and quick drying. We'll be doing this camping this yr. I'd use a trash sack a day and knot it after baby was asleep to keep the smell down if its dipes other than prefolds and flats. Or even a small rubbermaid with a locking lid that I could reuse to keep waist to a minimum. (giving myself ideas for camping season), a bucket with soapy water kept in the bathroom would be handy for flats and prefolds, throw them in after a change then come back to clean, rinse and hang when baby is entertained.

I'll admit I'm quite militant about cloth lol
Have you thought about flatfolds? They're really cheap and you can get a couple of dozen for what a bag (Box? I don't even know what they come in
) of disposies would cost.

You can very easily hand wash a flatfold and they dry super quick. Just a thought...
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I would do sposies in this situation. I think they have their place and there's no need to feel bad about using a convenience product when convenience is really called for. And it wont do your kids any harm for such a short time.
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